Tic Long Scholarship Fund

Tic Long has built a legacy of impacting youth workers. He has personally touched so many with his gifts. Humility, integrity, loyalty, insightfulness, wisdom, humor—these only begin to sum up Tic’s best qualities. Tic has also made a HUGE youth ministry impact through Youth Specialties, where he served as everything from a janitor, to the National Youth Workers Convention (NYWC) program director, to the President of YS from 1977-2011 … that’s 34 years!

All these are reasons the Tic Long Scholarship Fund is such a fitting way to honor this humble servant—and continue his legacy.

Tic believed in the power of events to inspire, equip, and connect youth workers to think bigger and think differently about what is possible for youth ministry. This fund is designed to help youth workers attend NYWC.

Can you think of a better way to multiply the work of a legend like Tic Long? If you have been blessed by Tic, Youth Specialties, or the NYWC at some point, would you please consider contributing to this scholarship fund? After all, NYWC is where leaders like Tic Long are built—and our tribe needs more like him.

We love you, Tic. THANK YOU for continuing to do what you do best—love youth workers.