Tim Timmons

Tim Timmons has a unique viewpoint shaped by a cancer diagnosis he received 14 years ago when he was given five years to live. “The gift of cancer is perspective,” Timmons offers, adding that his cancer remains incurable other than the healing hand of God. “It’s really the open door to speak into people’s stories.” His diagnosis may be the doorway for countless healthy, life-giving conversations. Timmons’ music is colored by a newfound purpose of living each day to its fullest—all to the glory of God. “I have so many stories after every show where people are just stuck in our religion, and they are so exhausted and joyless,” he notes. “When people bring me their stories, I want to have songs that actually help them through these stories. As a worship leader that’s my whole goal. I’m not there to help people sing songs…my job is to help people own their response to Jesus.”