Mark DeVries

Mark DeVries has served as a youth pastor for 36+ years, 28 of those at First Presbyterian Church Nashville, where he recently stepped into the role of Associate Pastor of New Projects.

Mark is president of MINISTRY ARCHITECTS (2002), a consulting team that moves churches “beyond stuck” and strategically forward. Having worked with hundreds of churches, Ministry Architects has helped build sustainable ministries for youth, children, families and young adults, as well as providing strategic coaching for church wide efforts.

Mark is a graduate of Baylor University and Princeton Theological Seminary is author of several books, including Family-Based Youth Ministry, Sustainable Youth Ministry, and most recently, Sustainable Childrens Ministry, (co-authored with Annette Safstrom) and Reimagining Young Adult Ministry (co-authored with Scott Pontier).

Mark and his wife, Susan, live in Nashville, Tennessee. They have three grown children and five grandchildren who bring delight to their lives on a daily basis.