Hey there, 


We know many of you have been anxiously and patiently waiting (which we so appreciate) to hear from us about the National Youth Workers Convention (NYWC). 


Like you, we had to make some pretty tough decisions and a few changes over the past couple of years because of all the “unprecedented-ness” and “pivoting” in our world, which meant we had to defer and then ultimately cancel our event contracts in Columbus, Ohio. This meant lawyers, meetings, time, and other boring stuff.


The craziest part: During all of the *insert legal jargon here* conversations, we actually weren’t legally allowed to send you info and updates.


Luckily, all that is over, so we are here now—in good standing with the law—to tell you . . . 



We missed you guys.


We know that youth ministry has changed in about a million ways since we were together, at our last NYWC in 2019. And once we handled all of the “not so fun boring stuff,” we knew that, as you have probably had to do in your ministry, we had to take time to realign, reevaluate, reimagine and most importantly, reconnect. 


With November right around the corner, we have had to make another difficult decision: we will not host NYWC in 2022. We know that this decision will disappoint many of you. It’s disappointing for us, too! We miss your faces!) but we want to ensure a GREAT return for NYWC in 2023. 


Meanwhile, we want to check in on how you are doing in today’s youth ministry world. 


If you are still with us and haven’t thrown your phone or computer across the room yet, we would love to hear from you! You know what you need to be refreshed, trained, filled up, and equipped to be the best youth worker you can be. So, will you take a few minutes to help us figure out what’s next for NYWC? 


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We’re hopeful and excited about what’s next for NYWC in 2023 and beyond. And we’re excited we’re all in it together. 


  • The NYWC Team